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Mindfulness & Meditation Classes

  These classes are perfect for both beginners and those with some experience of meditation. All classes include guided meditation and an explanation of how to put Buddha's teachings into practice to solve our daily problems and be happy. The lunchtime classes include a short talk and a meditation, while the 1.5 hour classes have a longer talk and two meditations.

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The same topic is taught at all the drop-in classes in each week. While the classes in each series focus on different aspects of the term title, each class is self-contained, so you can come to a whole series or simply drop in when you can. You can join at any time and don't need to wait until the next term starts.

There is no need to book; just turn up, relax and enjoy. Your first class is FREE, and you can save money by buying a Centre Card and get 5 classes for the price of 4.


Tuesday 12.30 - 1.00 pm £2.50

Tuesday 7.30 - 9.00 pm £5.00

Don't forget - your first class is FREE


DEVELOP A PEACEFUL MIND 5th September – 3rd October

Week 1: Benefits of Meditation

Week 2: Importance of our Mind

Week 3: Overcoming Frustration

Week 4: Power of our Mind

Week 5: Deepening our Peace

CHOOSE HAPPINESS 17th October – 5th December

Week 1: Happiness is a choice

Week 2: Happy, Positive Mind

Week 3: Happy, Balanced Mind

Week 4: Appreciating Others

Week 5: Creating Happiness

Week 6: Seeing others Positively

Week 7: Improving our Relationships

Week 8: Giving Happiness to Others

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Please note: Fees cover running costs only. Neither the teacher nor the assistant receive any payment. These meditation classes teach us how to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with positive minds like love and compassion which protect us from problems and give us the joy ofinner peace - the source of real, long-lasting happiness we all yearn for.

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Meditation courses in Lancaster & DEVELOP A PEACEFUL MIND Tuesday Lunch Class .