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 MONDAY 2nd March 8.05pm-9.35pm

                                      Universal compassion

“To have the opportunity to practise this precious teaching is infinitely more meaningful than being given all the precious jewels in the world.”

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Do you have a real interest in Buddhism? Would you like to study one of Geshe-la’s books with others? We are currently studying Universal Compassion in a class on Monday evenings. There are 2 sessions: 6.05-7.45pm & 8.05-9.35pm, separated by a tea break.

We will be starting a new chapter of the book on Monday 2nd March in the 2nd session  8.05-9.35pm & this would be a very suitable place for people to join the existing group.

The difference between the study class & our meditation classes is that the sessions include prayers & discussion in pairs, in addition to meditation & teaching, with a group discussion every 4th class.

People who attend say that they really enjoy discussing how to apply the teachings in their daily life as part of the class & that attending this class helps them to feel a real part of the community at Chenrezig KBC.

If you are interested in joining the study class you are welcome to attend for 2 weeks free of charge to see if the class is suitable for you. After that the cost of attending the study classes would be £25/month, which includes FREE attendance at Chenrezig KBC retreats, or £35/month, which includes FREE attendance at all meditation classes, all Chenrezig KBC retreats & all Chenrezig half-day courses.

Please speak to Gen Kelsang Dema if you are interested in joining or if you have any further queries.


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