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Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre

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Je Tsongkhapa Retreat

Saturday 29 Oct 10am-4.30pm & Retreat Sunday 30 Oct 10am-5pm

Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 93 King St, Lancaster LA1 1RH

            Je Thsongkapa              Dema


On this very special day, Gen Kelsang Dema will grant the Empowerment of Buddha Je Tsongkhapa. An Empowerment is like a long guided meditation in which we receive very special blessings that: create good karma for our future happiness, make our mind peaceful, and remove the bad karma that leads to our suffering and problems.

In this Empowerment we will make a special connection with Buddha Je Tsongkhapa that enables us to increase our compassion, wisdom and spiritual power. This will help us to progress swiftly on the path to permanent freedom from suffering and the supreme happiness of enlightenment.

In the afternoon Gen Kelsang Dema will explain the Heart Jewel prayers that are the daily practice we use to help us with our meditations. We will then have the opportunity to practice Heart Jewel & meditation in retreat on Sunday 30 Oct.

On Sunday Gen Kelsang Dema will help us to gain deeper experience of Heart Jewel with meditations that will deepen our spiritual practice through which we can solve our problems & bring great benefit to others. You can drop in to any of the sessions.

Sun 30 Oct: 10am -11.15am       Guided Heart Jewel with meditation

Sun 30 Oct: 11.45am -1pm         Guided Heart Jewel with meditation

Sun 30 Oct:  2pm - 3.15pm         Guided Heart Jewel with meditation

Sun 30 Oct:  3.45pm- 5pm          Guided Heart Jewel with meditation

Soup & Roll for lunch (£3)   Free Refreshments during breaks

Cost: Sunday £3/session, £5/half-day, £10/full day, or free for facility payers on Sunday only. Please pay on the day.  

tel. 01524 596108

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