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These are extensive prayers to help us gain good fortune, remove negativity from our mind & gain positive energy. During the prayers we make offerings of food (tsog) to our Spiritual Guide as someone who protects our progress on the spiritual path. These are set out very beautifully on plates on a table in front of the shrine before the prayers start. The purpose of making food offerings is to improve our mind of giving. You are welcome to bring your own offerings. After food offerimgs we make prayers to remove any obstacles that may arise on our spiritual path & to protect us from losing the positive states of mind we have already attained.
After the prayers some food is set aside to give to others and then we share the rest over a drink & chat. This is an opportunity for people attending classes to spend relaxed time with each other, share experiences of applying Buddha’s teachings in busy daily life, and to go home renewed, inspired and refreshed.
The prayers take approx 3.5 hours with a break of 10 minutes in the middle. It is possible to just attend the 2nd part which starts approx 2hr 10minutes after the start of the prayers. These prayers in the 2nd part take 1hr 10minutes.

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