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Medicine Buddha Retreat


21st and 22nd February

Following the special weekend course and blessing Empowerment with Gen-la Dekyong at Manjushri KMC, we now have the chance to engage in a very special two day retreat of the profound meditation practice of Medicine Buddha.
This blessed practice gives us powerful methods for cleansing mental poisons such as anger, jealousy, selfishness and pride, and for eliminating the inner causes of physical and mental sickness.
Through engaging in this retreat we can purify the potentialities of non-virtuous actions that cause  us to experience incurable diseases,
accumulate a great collection of merit, or good fortune, ripen our potentiality to be able to benefit all living beings, and purify our mind.


Time table

Each session includes teaching and guided meditation.

Monday 21st
First Session 9 am
Second Session 11:30 am
Third Session 6 pm
Fourth Session 8:15 pm

Tuesday 22nd
First Session 9 am
Second Session 11:30 am
Third Session 5:30 pm
Fourth Session 8:00 pm

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