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Monday Class 2018

Meditation lancaster

In this busy modern world we face many challenges and as a result we often develop unpleasant feelings which prevent us from enjoying our life.

These classes, based on Geshe-la’s new book, How to Transform your Life, can help us to reverse this situation. Gen Kelsang Dema will explain how through changing our perspective we can protect ourself from developing unpleasant feelings and instead cultivate positive, peaceful minds that naturally lead to happiness.

Each class is self-contained so you can drop-in at any time.

Weekly topics

29 Jan     How to solve our human problems

 5 Feb    Permanent cessation from suffering & problems

12 Feb    Fulfilling our wishes

26 Feb    Appreciating others

  5 Mar    Developing our ability to be happy

19 Mar   Improving our relationships




Each class includes a teaching and guided meditation.  The effectiveness of our meditation is enhanced by using preparatory prayers. These help us to remove negativity from our mind, accumulate good karma & make our mind happy.

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Meditation courses in Lancaster & Monday Class 2018.