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What to Expect at a Class

The Introductory classes begin with a simple guided meditation to reduce stress, tension, and distractions. 


The short meditation is followed by a talk on how to apply Buddhist principles in daily life. This may include topics such as reducing stress, improving relationships, gaining peace of mind, learning to love, and dealing with anger. Explanations of why things go wrong in our life and how the world we see and experience depends on our mind are also given. There is then a second short guided meditation designed to help us gain deeper experience of the subject of the class.

After the class

After the class enjoy light refreshments while relaxing or discussing the ideas presented in the teaching.


What do I need to do to attend?

You don't need to pre-register or have had any previous experience to attend these classes.

Dress comfortably. People sit on regular chairs or on cushions on the floor, depending on their preference.


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Meditation courses in Lancaster & What to Expect at a Class .