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Chenrezig Cross Bay Challenge Walk

Saturday 19th August 2017, 3.45pm

Led by Queen's Guide of the Sands Cedric Robinson M.B.E.

Embark on a new fantastic adventure with Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre!

This is a non-for-profit walk, we need to cover the Guide’s fee & any other proceeds from this walk will go towards paying for the necessary repairs that had to be carried out at our centre. Should you wish to help to raise any extra funds for the centre and to obtain a sponsor form, please contact us on

 Dema on the beach

Entry: Adults £10 | Children (16 and under) £7

Start: Arnside Promenade , LA5 0AH (sign in from 3pm)  

Finish: Kents Bank Railway Station, LA11 7BG

Age restrictions:  Children under 6 cannot take part

Distance: Approximately 7 - 8.5 miles (3-4 hours)

Capacity: 30 places (max.)


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The walk itself is 7 to 8 miles long, depending on the route. The walk starts from the stony foreshore at Arnside, proceeds onto the sands and across the channels of the River Kent. The height of the river is usually between knee and thigh deep. Old, comfortable shoes or trainers are recommended rather than expensive walking boots or wellies, and shorts or trousers that you can roll up. You may want to bring a towel. Poles may be useful for walking across the slippery section on the salt marsh.  There are dangerous quicksands in the bay. To ensure your safety, stay with our group and follow instructions from the Guide and his helpers at all times.

The weather can be anything from driving rain to hot sun, so come prepared to protect yourself against the elements. It is very exposed out on the bay with no shelter, so bring sunscreen and a sunhat or waterproofs, depending on conditions.  Don't forget to bring a bottle of water and a snack. The last part of the walk involves crossing gullies on the saltmarsh. These can be quite wide and slippery, so walkers need to be agile enough to get across.

                  Cedric R

Cedric Robinson, the Queen’s Guide to the Sands grew up in the nearby fishing village of Flookburgh and was chosen in 1963 after demonstrating his aptitude for navigating the sands while out cockle picking. He has led 500,000 people across the bay since, including the Duke of Edinburgh, Melvyn Bragg, and even the Blue Peter dog.

Cedric is paid a sum of £15 a year by Lord Cavendish at nearby Holker Hall for his efforts. Such is his dedication to the role that he and his wife, Olive (who organises the tours), have never taken a holiday! Despite being 84,Cedric has no plans to step down.

Cedric has met the Queen and been given honorary fellowships by the University of Central Lancashire and Lancaster University, in addition to receiving the MBE. It will be a real honour to join one of his walks!



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