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Sunday 13th March 10am-5pm

Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre,

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‘When we die, our mind has to leave this present body,which is just a temporary abode, and find another body, rather like a bird leaving one nest to fly to another’   Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

The one thing we all know for certain is that we are going to die and we do not know when this will happen. If we are to live without fearing our death we need to understand what happens when we die and how we can prepare for our death so that at the time of death we know how to take our mind to our next life in a positive way.

Once we understand this we can bring great benefit to our family and friends when they die, or are dying, guiding them to a fortunate next life. This is the most precious gift we can give to them.

In this day course Gen Kelsang Dema will explain what happens when we die and the meditations we can do to guide ourself and others through the death process.

Cost: £20 book on-line:

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or, at one of our Solve Your Problems meditation classes. See website for details.


Includes refreshments and light vegetarian lunch. It is necessary to book in advance so that we know the numbers to cater for. 

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