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Sat 18 March 10.30am-3.30pm,

Retreat Sun 19 Mar 11am-4pm


If we want to be happy all the time we need to purify our mind of negativity. We can do this by developing a pure mind of compassion – a balanced, peaceful, and happy mind which is of great benefit to others.   In this way we can contribute to bringing peace to this troubled world.

On this special day, Gen Kelsang Dema will grant the Empowerment of 1000-armed Avalokiteshvara , the Buddha of Compasssion.  An Empowerment is a special guided meditation that is a very powerful method to purify our mind. Through receiving this Empowerment we will ripen our potential to become a compassionate person experiencing a deep inner peace that cannot be disturbed by changing conditions. Through this we will be happy all the time. This is what we really want.


In the afternoon, Gen Kelsang Dema will explain a meditation practice through which we can receive the special blessings of this Buddha continually and gain control over all our unpeaceful minds. Through this we can solve all our human problems and ultimately attain enlightenment - the state of permanent freedom from suffering and everlasting happiness. We can then practice this meditation in retreat on Sunday. To attend the retreat on Sunday you need to have received the Empowerment of 1000-armed Avalokiteshvara.



Sat 18 March:  10.30am-12.45pm   Empowerment

Sat 18 March:    2.15pm-3.30pm    Teaching & Self- generation Meditation

Cost: Saturday £25 Includes Vegetarian Lunch

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On Sunday Gen Kelsang Dema will help us to gain deeper experience of the meditation practice of self-generation through which we can solve our problems and bring great benefit to others.

Sun 19 March: 11am -12.10pm     Teaching & Self- generation Meditation

Sun 19 March: 1.10pm -2.20pm    Teaching & Self- generation Meditation

Sun 19 March:  2.50pm - 4pm       Teaching & Self- generation Meditation

Soup & Roll for lunch (£3)   Free Refreshments during breaks

Cost: Sunday £3/session, £8/full day, or free for facility payers on Sunday only



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Meditation courses in Lancaster & EMPOWERMENT OF 1000-ARMED AVALOKITESHVARA.