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Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre

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              Mondays 7.30-9pm


Dates of Classes: 8 & 15 May, 12 & 19 June

shakyamuni            dema



These classes are for people who already have experience of meditation. Each class consists of prayers, teaching and a guided meditation. 

Through practising prayers our meditations become much more effective and we accumulate a lot of good karma – the cause of our future happiness, purify negative karma – the cause of our suffering, and gain a happy mind through receiving Buddha’s blessings. 

During the class Gen Kelsang Dema will explain the essential beliefs of Buddhism. Through this we can gain a clear understanding of how we can gain permanent freedom from the suffering of this life and all our future lives, and attain the everlasting peace and happiness of enlightenment through following Buddha’s teachings.

The guided meditation enables us to deepen our understanding of the teaching and create the pathway to permanent inner peace within our mind.

£5/class or use centre card £20 for 5 classes, or free for those paying monthly facility fee. Leaflet explaining facility fee is on the notice board or email to request more details.


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Meditation courses in Lancaster & EXPLORING BUDDHISM MAY 2017.