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Guru Yoga and Mandala Retreat


SAT 24th & SUN 25th OCTOBER 2015

Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 93, King St, Lancaster LA1 1RH

                            Mandala      Guru


This retreat enables us to receive blessings that transform our mind from an unhappy state into a happy state. We will also deepen our connection with Buddha through our Spiritual Guide (Guru).This helps us make quick progress in our development of peaceful minds.

Our waking world is like a dream - we understand that our dream appearances arise from the potentials in our mind. In the same way all the appearances of our waking world arise from the potentials in our mind. Every good thing that appears in our life arises from virtuous potentials in our mind, & all our problems & suffering arise from non-virtuous potentials in our mind.

During the sessions we will imagine offering pure worlds (mandalas) to Buddha. This is a very virtuous action that will create potentials in our mind from which pleasant experiences will appear in our life in the future. This action of giving also creates the cause for us to receive all the wealth & resources we need to sustain our spiritual life.

We can also dedicate the virtue we accumulate in each session to removing any non-virtuous potentials in our mind so that they cannot ripen as problems & suffering for us in the future.


Retreat sessions are open to all - please drop in to any session. It is not necessary to attend all the sessions. No need to book, just turn up, relax and enjoy.


If you have not offered a mandala before please come 15 mins early to your 1st session so that you can be shown how to do this.




Saturday 24th October



Retreat sessions








Sunday 25th October




Retreat sessions




Offering to the Spiritual Guide Puja








( no mandala offerings in this session )

Cost: £3/session, £5/half-day, £10/day or £18 for whole retreat. Free for those who pay monthly Facility Fee


You are welcome to relax in the reception area during the breaks & help yourself to drinks & snacks. There will be reading materials about the topics in the retreat for you to read between sessions.


There will be also be Heart Jewel Prayers, without a meditation, 10am-10.45am during the retreat. These prayers are free to attend. Everyone is welcome.

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