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         Flexible times during the period   Mon 16th May – Thur 26th May

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It is that wonderful time of year again when we have the great good fortune to help with setting up an International festival dedicated to World Peace. Can you spare a morning/afternoon/day/more to help create the festival site in the blessed environment of Manjushri KMC?

There are a wide variety of jobs for all abilities – light, medium & heavy work – see pictures of us enjoying ourselves! It is great fun, you meet many interesting people from all over the world & you feel part of something very special. Through our involvement we gain a deep appreciation of the kindness of others which we can bring into our daily life, resulting in our viewing the whole world in a very positive way.

You will work in a team with others & it will definitely be fun. All the support you need to do the job will be available.

Manjushri Centre have very kindly agreed that if you work in the morning you will get a free lunch & if you work in the afternoon you can have a free supper. This is a special concession for the festival set-up. If you are able to do 2 full days work you can stay overnight for FREE – please see full details below.

Book using the information below. You will then receive more details of what to do on the day.


There will be a spreadsheet to fill in at all the classes. Just fill in your name stating the days & times that you can help & give details for transport – see below. Arrive at Manjushri KMC at 9am to help in the morning or 2pm to help in afternoon. Most people will go on 21st &/ or 22nd


Please leave your contact details & indicate whether you need a lift, or can offer lifts. We will co-ordinate everyone to share transport where possible. However, we cannot guarantee that anyone will be going at the same time as you, so if you need a lift try to sign-up for a time when someone else is going who can offer you a lift.


From 16th-22nd May if you are helping for 2 consecutive days you can have a free overnight stay in an indoor dormitory. After this indoor accommodation will be unavailable as it will be being set-up for the festival. However, if you are helping for 2 consecutive days between 23rd-26th you can stay in an outdoor marquee dorm, or you can camp in your own tent. You will need to take a sleeping bag, towel & toiletries. If you are coming to the festival you can set up your tent & leave it in place for the festival....great chance to choose your favourite spot!


If you are staying overnight on the 18th because you have worked 2 consecutive days, you can attend the evening class in the temple for FREE

Manjushri KMC will need to know in advance how many people to expect for lunch, supper etc & whether anyone needs accommodation. To enable us to provide them with that information please complete the spreadsheet at your class as soon as possible.

Alternatively email with the dates & times you want to help, & your transport & accommodation needs.

You do not need to be Buddhist to help. This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage your friends & family, who would not want to attend a teaching or meditation class, to experience the delight of Manjushri KMC.


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