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For the first time in history of Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre – Gen Kelsang Dema will guide the Happiness Walk from Heysham via Morecambe back to Lancaster with meditation stops along the way (details overleaf). Everyone wants to be happy but we often struggle to find happiness in our life. During this special event Gen Kelsang Dema will explain how we can learn to be happy by using simple meditations that give us a positive way to view other people and our world.

During the walk there will be the opportunity to ask Dema any questions you have about mindfulness, meditation & Buddha’s teachings. You can also learn from people who attend classes at Chenrezig KBC how this has helped them to reduce stress, anxiety & other unpleasant feelings, and brought happiness and meaning into their life.

Gen Kelsang Dema is engaging in this event to raise money for the maintenance of Chenrezig KBC so that the centre can continue to provide classes teaching people how to solve their problems and find happiness from within.  Through helping people to develop peaceful minds & through the spiritual practice at Chenrezig KBC we are contributing to the development of World Peace & in particular to developing peace in Lancaster, Morecambe & District.

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