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The Path to Permanent Freedom from Suffering  

Thursday January 12th – Monday January 16th



We all want to be free from suffering but do not know how to accomplish this. Buddha teaches us that our suffering does not end at death but continues in our next life. Dying is like falling asleep, the appearances of this life cease at death as they do when we fall asleep. Then the appearances of our next life arise, just as a dream arises when we fall asleep. The only difference is that when we die we never wake up from that dream but grasp at it being our new life. If we really want to be free from suffering permanently we need to know how to liberate ourself from this endless cycle of death and re-birth.

This retreat is the perfect opportunity to learn how to do this through a series of very clear meditations that Geshe-la has presented from his own personal experience. Gen Kelsang Dema will guide each session which will include prayers, a teaching, and a meditation based on the new meditations in Geshe-la’s book “How to Understand the Mind.”


These instructions, called The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment or Kadam Lamrim, are very practical and easy to practice in our daily lives.  Through practising these meditations we can cease our suffering in this life and all our future lives. We will then be in a position to help our family, friends and all living beings to do the same. What could be more beneficial and meaningful than this?


Retreat sessions are open to all - please drop in to any session. It is not necessary to attend all the sessions. No need to book, just turn up, relax and enjoy.



Thursday  12th Jan 



Introduction to Retreat






Friday 13th, Sat 14th & Sunday 15th Jan



Retreat sessions







Mon 16th Jan

Retreat sessions




Cost: £3/session, £5/half-day, £10/day or £35 for whole retreat. Free for those who pay monthly Facility Fee


You are welcome to relax in the reception area during the breaks & help yourself to drinks & snacks. If you bring food you can heat it in the microwave upstairs. There will be reading materials about the topics in the retreat for you to read between sessions.


There will be also be Heart Jewel Prayers, without a meditation,            10-10.40am (Fri, Sat & Sun), 5-5.40pm (Mon), during the retreat.      These prayers are free to attend. Everyone is welcome.


Comments from previous retreats at Chenrezig:

Demas' guiding in such a peaceful place helps to improve my concentration when meditating & I am able to get the essence of the meditations.

This retreat has come at just the right time for me.  My cloudy busy agitated mind that couldn't concentrate on anything has been replaced by a positive delighted mind that feels like anything and everything is possible.

Between the sessions everyone was so friendly & helpful. It really helped me to feel part of the Chenrezig community. I was able to drop-in whenever I was free.



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