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Sunday 7th June 2015

 Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 93, King St,  Lancaster LA1 1RH

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Buddha taught how to solve our problems and find happiness within. Through practising his teachings we can develop a positive, calm and balanced mind that protects us when we encounter difficulties in our life. This protection in our mind is called Dharma, and we can be inspired to develop this through following the example of Sangha (pure practitioners who are putting these teachings into practice).

When it is raining we seek refuge in an umbrella, but where can we go when we experience problems in our life that disturb our mind? Come to this refuge retreat and learn how to take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and come under the umbrella of Buddhism.

‘In this impure world of samsara there are so many dangers, fears and sufferings, both general and specific, in this life, and in life after life. I cannot be confident about what will happen to me even tomorrow or next week, and certainly not in my next life. I have no power, ability, or even understanding of how to protect myself from these many problems and sufferings. I need refuge and protection.’            Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Comments from previous retreats at Chenrezig:


Demas' guiding in such a peaceful place helps to improve my concentration when meditating & I am able to get the essence of the meditations.


This retreat has come at just the right time for me.  My cloudy busy agitated mind that couldn't concentrate on anything has been replaced by a positive delighted mind that feels like anything and everything is possible.


Between the sessions everyone was so friendly & helpful. It really helped me to feel part of the Chenrezig community. I was able to drop-in whenever I was free.


Each retreat session will include prayers, a teaching and guided meditations.

There will be retreat sessions at the following times:

Sunday 7th June:

11am-12.30pm, 2pm-3.30pm, 4.30pm-6pm, 7.30pm-8.40pm

You can choose the sessions you wish to attend. You do not need to have attended previous sessions to participate in any particular session.

Cost of sessions: £3/session, £5/half-day, £10 full-day

Free to Facility Fee Payers

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be freely available in the breaks.

Soup & a bread roll will be available between 12.30 & 2pm on Sunday  (Cost £3) Please email if you wish to have lunch so that we know how many people to cater for.


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