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Sunday 11th June 10am-4.30pm


When we engage in retreat we are able to take our meditation experience to a deeper level so that we can more effectively solve our problems and find real happiness from within.

Through experiencing greater peace of mind during a retreat we increase our faith in the power of meditation and Buddha’s teachings to fulfil our wishes.

Each session will involve prayers that help us remove negativity from our mind and give us a sense of peace and positivity. This prepares our mind for the meditations so that they are more effective. We will be practising meditations from our weekly classes and deepening our understanding of how taking refuge in Buddha’s teachings can protect us from suffering.


 This is also an opportunity to relax and spend time with others who attend the classes and get inspiration from each other.

We will bring and share food for lunch, relax in the garden and maybe go for a walk along the canal during the lunch break (weather depending).

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Ask Dema those questions you have always wanted to ask! She will be available for about 30 minutes during lunch break for Q&A – for no longer than five minutes per person, though.

              kelsang Dema

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